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FakeNES is a highly portable, Open Source NES and Famicom emulator.

It runs on all modern operating systems (such as Windows, Linux, and Mac) and has an actively maintained DOS port for enthusiasts. Support for phones and other mobile platforms is under development.

Originally created in 2001 by a rag-tag team of developers from projects such as ZSNES, after ten years of sporadic development it has been forked by Digital Carat Group and almost completely rewritten. It has also been renamed to FakeNES GT, meaning "Good Times", to distinguish it from the original project.

An early version of FakeNES GT running Snow Bros.

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Legacy content can be found in the abandoned CVS repository and page.

Roadmap (Show)

Estimated release date: July of 2011 or later

This quarter:
* Finish code overhaul, get the entire project building again sans warnings
* Finish work on the new CPU core
* Overhaul the mapper architechture, and add support for FCE Ultra mappers
* Re-implement emulation features that were removed, such as MMC5 ExRAM, and mapper hacks
* Finish the new video subsystem, particulary the OpenGL engine
* Implement a new GUI, in both software and OpenGL compositing versions
* Better multi-language support using TrueType fonts
* Implement *working* support for network play (NetPlay) over LAN and Internet
* At least several weeks of additional cleanups and bug fixing

Next quarter:
    * Write an official, updated FAQ page for the website
    * Start work on an official Handbook to be distributed with the emulator
  Game support:
    * Improve emulation accuracy and compatibility
    * Individually test problematic games and resolve any issues
    * Better support for the Famicom, Playchoice 10, and VS UniSystem
    * Overhaul long-neglected parts of the source code
    * Remove the need for Allegro by writing our own abstraction library
    * Add support for mobile platforms, especially iPhone

Ongoing efforts:
    * Better support for low resolutions (320x240 and under)
    * Support slower computers using performance profiles for emulation


We recommend that you first pay a visit to the community forum. Other users may be able to respond to your issue faster than a developer, although not always. However, keep in mind that no support offered on the forum is officially sponsored, even that which is given by the developers themselves.

The best way to get support is to submit a bug report or support request on our trackers. Eventually a developer will take a look at your issue, depending on the severity. Responding to and resolving tracker items can take a long time, so this is not the fastest way to get support, only the most reliable.

As we realize the tracker system may be too slow or confusing to some, we also have an IRC channel.

Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, is basically a world-wide network of chat rooms, accessed by a special program called an IRC client. There are many clients available, so which one you use is up to you. The most popular client is mIRC, but it is only available for Windows and ChatZilla works on any platform.

You can access our channel by first installing and starting your client of choice, then creating a new connection to server and channel #fakenes. Clicking this link will usually automatically launch your client and log on to our channel. Once logged in, you will be able to speak with us in real-time.

Please note that developers may be AFK (Away From Keyboard) at any given time.

Please visit our sponsor to help support this project.